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Petal and Pea Bath Milk - Little Baby Milk Bath 100g

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Made by Petal and Pea Mackay QLD.

100% Natural Baby Milk Bath - 
Delicately crafted with organic coconut milk or whole milk powder, natural rolled oats and flower petals that gently infuse in the water. This milk bath will softly cleanse and hydrate baby's precious skin, while the essence of the lavender, rose, calendula & chamomile petals help to promote a calming and peaceful sleep.

This blend is enriched with so much natural goodness that you can actually see the ingredients you are putting in your baby's bath.

The Little Baby Bath Milk is simple to use and effective. It comes in a resealable package with a muslin bag which is used to infuse the ingredients in the bath water. This is the perfect addition to baby's bath time on a weekly basis.

Please follow directions that are included on the product and do not leave your child unsupervised in the bath.

Approx 100g

Ingredients: Organic oats, organic coconut milk or whole milk powder, organic calendula flowers, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender petals, organic rose petals, and essential oils.

*Disclaimer: Petal & Pea products are not intended for therapeutic use and will not cure or prevent ailments, skin conditions or diseases. 

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